Sermons by Dave Bovenmyer

Stewarding our Health

God gives each of us life and health. Although sickness and death are inevitable for all people, including Christians, we should do what we can to stay healthy and productive for His purposes. Yet there are so many different and often contradictory perspectives on diet, exercise, sleep, and whether traditional or alternative medicine is best. What does the Bible say about health? How much should we concern ourselves with health and what should that look like? We and everything we have belong to God. As wise managers, we should care for all that He’s entrusted to us, including our bodies.

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Two thousand years ago, God sent His son into the world. It was God’s plan that He be born into obscurity, to a poor family, without privilege or power or fame. Yet it seems that God couldn’t resist celebrating His coming and sent angels to announce His birth to lowly shepherds. Centuries later, Charles Wesley wrote a hymn celebrating His birth—Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Steeped in rich theology, Wesley’s hymn aptly celebrates the most surprising event in the history of the world—when the Creator entered into His creation and became a man. Don’t let familiarity dim the wonder of this amazing event. Christ, the One by highest heaven adored, laid His glory by to bring healing and life to the sons of earth. Glory to the newborn King!

The Great Messianic Hope

It’s hard to live without hope. Many of the Psalms narrate the psalmists’ renewal of hope in the midst of tragedy and trial. But several of the psalms also point to a broader, more universal hope—the Messianic Hope. God has a solution for all the wickedness, corruption and evil so prevalent throughout the world and its institutions. He will install His King on Zion, His holy hill. We must live in light of His coming, living not for this age and its rulers, but for Him and His coming kingdom.

Seek His Face

In the Psalms we see the heart of a man of God. King David was a man of passion, yet humble and faith-filled. His passion drew Him to seek God’s person and His will. He desperately wanted more than just to know about God, He wanted to experience God through the ups and downs in life. Each of us is designed for spiritual experience, whether we know it or not. Those who have been united with Christ ought to experience Him. No one will be satisfied with a dead creed. In this message we will look at King David’s passion for God and Pastor Dave will share aspects of His journey to experience God in our modern world.

Rise and Fall – The Promise and Plan of God

David desired to build a house, a temple for God. But God said, “No, I’m going to build a house for you,” and promised David that his lineage and dynasty would last forever. Yet, no descendant of David has reigned over Israel for over 2,500 years. The prophets who spoke after David foretold the coming of a greater, eternal king who would fulfill all of God’s promises to Israel and to David. Yet, today, we await the return of this greater “Anointed One,” King Jesus, who waits in heaven until it is time for Him to restore all things and bring everlasting peace to the world.

Consider the Great Things – David: A Man after God’s Own Heart

God chose David to succeed Saul as king, not because of his physical strength or his wisdom or his position in Israel, but because of His faith-filled, God-honoring heart. In an act of amazing faith, David faces Goliath, risking his life to defend His people and to honor and glorify God. We also can put our trust in the Living God and bring Him glory.

Walking In Godliness, Part 2 – Transformation from the Inside Out

When we believe in Jesus we become part of God’s family and part of His new creation, the new humanity. We are to live in a manner worthy of the high calling we have received—to put off the old ways of living and put on the new. But how, practically, do we do this? The key is mind renewal—a renovation of the heart that results in transformation from the inside out. Outward conformity to the ways of God is way too small a goal. Our destiny is much fuller, richer, and more exciting. We are to become like Christ to the very depths of our souls. This involves a turning from the old and embracing the new at a far deeper level than we might at first think. It involves bringing the transforming power of the good news deeper into every nook and cranny of our hearts.

Jesus is Alive!

Fulfilling a plan conceived before the world began, God raised Jesus from the dead. This astounding event accomplished many things. It 1) proved that He is the Messiah, the Son of God, 2) showed that His suffering for our sin was sufficient to gain our forgiveness, 3) prepared Him for the day when he will reign as king in the kingdom of God, 4) foreshadowed the coming day when all who believe in Him will also rise from the dead, and 5) anticipated the time when everything in creation will be made new.