Stonebrook Pillars

Christian’s Mission: Pass on the Faith

Our church’s vision is “to see many hundreds become fully devoted followers of Christ, and many thousands hear the gospel message.” This week we are going to be discussing our mission as a church: The Great Commission: every individual in the church doing their part in passing the faith on to others (proclaiming the gospel to non-believers, and entrusting the gospel to one another and especially the upcoming generation.)

Endless Riches in Christ through the Gospel

How is the gospel relevant to my life now that I am a Christian? Much in every way! I will speak about the abundant life and endless riches in Christ that we have through the gospel (John 10:10, Ephesians 3:7-8).

Proclaim Christ Part 1

For those who know Christ, we are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for His own possession, for a purpose – to proclaim the excellencies of God. As we consider the unending excellencies of Christ each day, let’s consider how we take next steps in the amazing purpose we have. What joy to be about the business of what we were specially made for.

Serving the City Part 2

Like the Lord has rescued us through his Son, we are to go out into the world with that same spirit of love and serve others. We can begin by looking within our own city and campus for needs we can meet.

Serving The City Through Our Vocations

When we hear about the idea if “good works” while reading the Bible or listening to a sermon, we usually think of “spiritual” work, praying, missionary work, evangelism, charity, etc. But Paul is talking about much more than that: “Good works” include every type of task, including your 9-5 job, your housework, your homework… everything. God cares about every single task you undertake, and every single task you undertake is an opportunity to bring him glory and serve him.

Devoted to the Fellowship: The Glory of the Church

If you are a Christian, you have been born (again) into a glorious family called the church, Christ’s body. Not only are you a vital part of it, you are called to be devoted to it. And in this devotion to God’s family, together we are on glorious display.

Strengthening Families, Part 3: Call in Fatherhood

For better or for worse we have all been imprinted by our Fathers or by the absence of a Father in our life. This Sunday we will look to see what God’s purpose for Fathers are and how we are meant to respond to His call to Fatherhood.

Strengthening Families: The Gospel is the Power for a Strong Family

In his letter to the Ephesians Paul tells believers that they have “every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.” Do you feel this way in your family situation? A pillar of Stonebrook’s ministry is “strengthening families”. Marriage, parenting, being a kid, being a member of a household, we want these relationships to be strong and thriving. The Gospel is the power source for the kind of strength we are after. Lets find out how together as we continue our Pillars series and walking through Ephesians together.

Walking In Godliness, Part 2 – Transformation from the Inside Out

When we believe in Jesus we become part of God’s family and part of His new creation, the new humanity. We are to live in a manner worthy of the high calling we have received—to put off the old ways of living and put on the new. But how, practically, do we do this? The key is mind renewal—a renovation of the heart that results in transformation from the inside out. Outward conformity to the ways of God is way too small a goal. Our destiny is much fuller, richer, and more exciting. We are to become like Christ to the very depths of our souls. This involves a turning from the old and embracing the new at a far deeper level than we might at first think. It involves bringing the transforming power of the good news deeper into every nook and cranny of our hearts.

Walking Godliness, Part 1

Salvation is by faith alone, but it is not by faith that is alone. Genuine faith in Jesus Christ is always accompanied by action. It looks like something, in both godly character and deeds. So as we grasp the glory of our heavenly calling through the help of the Holy Spirit, we will imitate our heavenly Father, putting off the old and putting on the new.

Biblically Minded Part 2: A Light to My Path

SERMON SLIDES Stonebrook Pillars:  Biblically Minded—Part II A Light to My Path My extended family lives in Loveland, Colorado.  An hour north of Denver. One year after we visited the family, we jumped in our van early in the morning with our four daughters and headed east on Interstate 76.  But within the first hour, we encountered a significant problem:  Fog.  At first it was sporadic and not too dense. But fairly quickly, the fog was so dense we could…
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